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Take Great Winter Snow Shots! (Here's How...)

(Text & Photo by Fred Bonilla) If you're like me, you've taking advantage of this winter's abundant (to say the least) snowfall to take some outside shots of the beautiful surroundings. If you plan to take your camera outside to take some snow shots, here's some tips to record the winter of 2011... 1. Keep your camera (and batteries) warm & dry! Digital camera batteries do not react well to cold, so keep your camera under your coat until you're ready to use it & bring your spare battery if you have one. Keep the spare in a warm coat or pants...

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No Viewfinders, No Worries (Pt 2.)

So, it's Monday & the Weather Channel was right on the button...Bright sunny skies & 43 degrees as of 12 noon, perfect conditions for my HIGHLY unscientific test of point & shoot LCD screens. Right outside our doors, angled slightly to the left, I found the sun to be perfectly positioned to offer considerable glare to any camera's rear screen. At high noon & under ideal conditions, I still needed the perfect subjects, ones that wouldn't mind continuous commands and no need for model releases at the end... Done! With Blu's squinting eyes evidence of bright sunlight (or boredom with...

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No Viewfinders...No Worries!

With the introduction of new cameras this weekend at the annual PMA (Photo Marketing Association) convention and previous intros, I'm afraid that we've come to the end of the line for optical viewfinders on compact digital cameras. Canon had the largest line of cameras that included optical viewfinders.  But in their new line of  2010 Powershots, alas there was not one model that included a viewfinder! The same goes for the other camera companies (Nikon, Sony, Olympus & even Leica!); not one compact p&s with an optical viewfinder! Now I hear you, customers of ours who say y'all need the viewfinder...

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