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Join Us For Our Mirrorless Camera Class 3/22

Our basic camera class of the week is devoted to those of you who bought one of the above cameras shown, namely the new breed of mirrorless cameras such as the Nikon 1, Olympus PEN or Sony NEX. While it shares many features to DSLR's, there are special features that these cameras possess so we'll be having our quarterly "Mirrorless Camera Basics" Thursday night (3/22) at 7PM, right here at the store. If you bought one of these cameras over the holidays or during one of the 2012 sale promotions & have questions, here's your chance for an hour of...

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New Mirrorless Camera Class - January 12th

Do you remember the part of the classic film "Jaws" when Roy Schnieder peers out at the size of the shark they were supposed to kill? He glared amazingly at Robert Shaw & said the classic line: "We're gonna need a bigger boat!". Well, one thing we noticed as the holiday selling season has gone into full speed is that mirrorless cameras are catching on! With the advent of the Nikon1 camera system (shown below), and increased sales of the Olympus PEN and Sony NEX cameras, there is a new niche of camera we're showing to our customers with added frequency....

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DSLR Class Tonight at 7!

We resumed our mini classes last week & had our largest attendance ever! It was a blast & we expect an even larger turnout tonight for our first DSLR Basics class of the new year. You’re invited to join us at 7 PM, right here at the store. Don’t forget to bring your camera (and a smile!) If you can't make it tonight, we'll have the class again on Thursday January 27th, also at 7PM. We'll show you by step by step instruction how to get out of "automatic" & use the functions of your DSLR to get the quality photos you only dreamed of getting! You'll also...

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