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New Mirrorless Camera Class - January 12th

Do you remember the part of the classic film "Jaws" when Roy Schnieder peers out at the size of the shark they were supposed to kill? He glared amazingly at Robert Shaw & said the classic line: "We're gonna need a bigger boat!". Well, one thing we noticed as the holiday selling season has gone into full speed is that mirrorless cameras are catching on! With the advent of the Nikon1 camera system (shown below), and increased sales of the Olympus PEN and Sony NEX cameras, there is a new niche of camera we're showing to our customers with added frequency....

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Nikon Joins The Fray!

For those of you that think that mirror-less interchangeable lens cameras like the Olympus PEN described below is a fad that will soon go away, the announcement today that Nikon has come out with a new camera system that brings them into the small size interchangeable lens camera club with Olympus, Sony and Panasonic may just change their minds! The system will be called the "Nikon 1"  with the basic model being called the Nikon J1 (shown here in White). and the advanced model being called the Nikon V1 (with a built in viewfinder - shown in Black). Details on...

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We Now Sell Sigma Lenses!

We're pleased to announce that we are an authorized Sigma Lens Dealer and will be selling some of the most advanced DSLR lenses available in the market. Celebrating their 50th anniversary, Sigma is committed to the creation of the highest quality optics creating the most powerful, affordable and technically advanced camera lenses. No matter what camera system you own, Sigma lenses will increase control and creativity and deliver the most outstanding photographs possible. We're happy to add Sigma along with Tamron & Tokina to our lens lineup to give you added choice & value when you're ready to buy a new DSLR or...

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