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Presenting The TRYX!

The  camera introduction that turned heads & had tongues wagging over the last few weeks was by Casio, which introduced a unique camera/camcorder hybrid that is well, different! Allow us to introduce you to the Casio TRYX®, a revolutionary new camera that will allow consumers to stand out and be noticed. Strikingly different than any other camera on the market today, TRYX impresses with a distinctive, variable frame design which knows no bounds. With TRYX, consumers can do more and be prepared to capture their photographic lives in ways they were never able to before. Thanks to its super thin (.59-inches thick),...

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A Long Awaited Panasonic is Coming!

Panasonic has been on a roll in recent months with the successful release of the Lumix ZS3 & ZS5 point & shoots with Leica optics & 16x intelligent zoom (That's a ZS5 below in our self portrait post!) and their G series EVIL cameras. The logical next step would be to update their flagship point & shoot, the LX3 which rivaled the Canon G11 in popularity & performance the last year or so. And this morning, Panasonic did just that by introducing their LUMIX LX5, which they hope to ship by late next month. The Panasonic LUMIX LX5 will be a unique...

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Say Cheese! (How to take a great social media self portrait!)

With the advent of social media sites such as Facebook & Twitter, every participant has faced the dilemma of what to do with the profile picture of yourself that is requested from each site (as well as dating sites like Folks have been very creative with that little square that idenifies you ; everything from high school pictures to shots of your pet or favorite Kardashian sister have been used. But ideally, it should be occupied by a sharp & appealing photo of yourself. And we at Camera Wholesalers are eager to help you look your best. So, here's some tips...

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