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Have You Taken Your Holiday Photo Yet? Here's Some Help! (Part 1)

We had a great "Holiday Photos" class last night,  and if you missed it, no worries for we're here to help you get the best holiday photos EVER! (in 2 installments...) According to a recent survey taken by Decipher Inc., 85 % of respondents will send out the same amount of holiday cards this year that they sent out last year (or more!). Even in the age of Instragram and Facebook, it appears that " there is an indescribable joy in receiving a personalized holiday card in the mail from friends and family,” says Meg Bohnert, who worked on the survey. Personalized...

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Rube Goldberg would be proud!

    (Illustration by Stuart Goldenberg for The New York Times) A slew of new cameras with features that would make Rube Goldberg proud have been introduced into the marketplace in the last few weeks. I've even covered some of them, like panorama sweep  in our blog. But, one must ask in the flurry of events if many of these improvements are just unnecessary hype that would not improve the picture making qualities of these cameras. In today's New York Times,  David Pogue speaks of a feature that WOULD be useful in the picture taking abilities of point & shoot...

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