Fujifilm FinePix Z700EXR Digital Camera - Silver

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  • 12 Megapixels
  • 5X Periscopic Optical Zoom Lens
  • 3.5" High Resolution Touch Screen
  • Dual Direction GUI w/Auto Image Rotation
  • Interactive File Mgmt. System
  • HD Video 720p w/Sound
  • High Sensitivity Up to ISO 1600
  • Dual Image Stabilization
  • Face Recognition/Detection
  • SR AUTO Automatic Scene Recognition

The Fujifilm FinePix Z700EXR 12MP Digital Camera (Silver) is not your every-day vanilla point and shoot camera. It's got 12 MP of resolution for clear, beautiful photos, a huge 3.5" LCD monitor that makes it easy to frame and review your pictures, dual image stabilization (say good-bye to shaky, blurry pics), Super Intelligent Flash that makes sure your flash pictures are always well-balanced with the natural light (making you look even smarter), and Face Detection to optimize focus and exposure for faces of people (and dogs, and cats!) in your pictures.

And that's not even mentioning the 5X zoom lens (equivalent to 35-175mm on a 35mm camera) that can capture almost any type of shot you might want, a built-in uploader that makes it simple to post your photos and/or video on YouTube or Facebook, a Touch and Shoot function (you can just touch the LCD screen to take a picture), and HD video with 720p resolution.

Dual Image Display

Automatically detects how you're holding the camera--hold it sideways and the view automatically switches to landscape view; hold it vertically and the display changes to portrait view.

Touch and Shoot

You don't need to press the shutter button to focus on your subject. Simply touch the LCD screen and you can focus and capture an image in an instant.


3.5-inch Touch Screen is one of the largest class displays, making framing and viewing your shots a pleasure with high visibility icons. Easily browse through libraries with a swipe of a finger and organize images with a touch.

Multi Frame Playback

Viewing photos with this function makes your search extremely easy--search through your photos by touching the thumbnail while the selected photo appears enlarged for clearer view.

Image Search

Image search lets you quickly and easily find photos of a particular subject or date. You can search by Face, by Date, by Image type, or by Scene, and by the faces of people you've registered in the Face Recognition function.

460K High Contrast 3.5 Inch LCD

Featuring high contrast for a brighter display and 460,000 pixels of resolution for easy reading of icons, menus, and, of course, exceptional image viewing quality.

Even Closer to the Human Eye - 3-way Capture Technology

The Super CCD EXR provides superior picture quality, enabling a "3-in-1" sensor combination of Fine Capture Technology (High Resolution), Pixel Fusion Technology (High Sensitivity & Low Noise), and Dual Capture Technology (Wide Dynamic Range). With an innovative color filter array and image processing technology, the EXR ensures advanced reproduction in imaging with exceptionally balanced quality.

EXR AUTO - Extreme Point-and-Shoot

Capture image just as your eye sees it. The EXR AUTO not only automatically recognizes the scene and selects the ideal shooting mode, but also switches the sensor to the perfect capture mode for the conditions.

EXR Priority - Extreme Creativity

With EXR Priority, you can manually switch the sensor to one of three capture modes. Just like your eye prioritizes different functions for optimal viewing of different scenes, each EXR mode uses a different approach to change how the sensor captures the image.

High Resolution

Just as your eye sees the finest detail in bright conditions, Resolution Priority uses the full 12 megapixel resolution of the unique EXR array to reproduce the smallest detail in bright beautiful color.

Wide Dynamic Range

Just as your eye sees the full range of shadows to highlights in high-contrast scenes, D-range Priority simultaneously captures two images to produce a single image with Wide Dynamic Range up to 400%, revealing subtleties in shadow and eliminating washout of the bright areas.

High Sensitivity and Low Noise

Just as your eye strives to make dark scenes as bright and detailed as possible, High ISO & Low Noise Priority takes advantage of high sensitivity and FinePix's original pixel binning technology to capture the subject with exceptional brightness and minimal noise.

Fujinon 5x Optical Zoom

Equivalent to 35-175mm on a 35mm camera

Face Detection

Face Detection optimizes people's pictures and adjusting focus and exposure to ensure bright, clear results.

Red-Eye Removal in Detected Faces

Red-eye removal automatically detects and corrects flash reflection for a perfect end result.

Instantly Detect Up To 10 Faces!

The Face Detection can simultaneously recognize up to 10 faces in a photo. Share your group portraits using the Zoom Up function in playbacks, checking each detected face.

Auto Dog / Cat Detection

Incorporating the world's first Auto Dog / Cat Detection function, the FinePix Z700EXR is able to detect dog or cat faces*, optimizing focus and exposure for pet photos that will delight everyone. An auto-release function can also be selected to automatically shoot the photo when the pet is looking directly at the camera.

Face Recognition

This function not only detects faces in a frame but it can also recognize who is who! You can register up to 8 people in your camera and next time you take a photo of them it will bring up their name and optimize settings in favor of your registered faces. In playback, you can search for all photos containing registered faces to quickly find photos of your favorites.

Couple Timer

Just the two of you? Couple Timer waits until two faces are close together in the frame. Select "Near", "Close Up" or "Super Close" depending on the level of intimacy you're aiming for!

Group Timer

Out and about with your friends? Group Timer mode gives you time to get into position as it waits until the selected number of faces is detected in the frame. You can select up to 4 faces and enjoy the moment ready to be captured!

Super Intelligent Flash

The Super Intelligent Flash lets you take macro shots with the ideal balance of flash output and sensitivity. Integrated in the Auto mode, this next-generation flash system captures both the subject and background in bright, clear details over the full flash range include ultra close-ups.

Film Simulation Mode

Simulate the distinctive look of 4 different types of film with just a touch of a button. Modeled on Fujifilm brands.

DUAL IS (Image Stabilization) for Blur-free Results

By combining CCD-shift image stabilization with high sensitivity the Z700EXR greatly reduces the effects of camera shake and subject blur to deliver crisp, clear shots across the entire zoom range, resulting in fewer blurred and disappointing photos.

Versatile Shooting Modes

An extensive selection of pre-programmed shooting modes ensures great photos in various conditions, eliminating the need to fuss with camera settings while delivering optimum results: Natural Light, Natural Light & with Flash, Manual, Movie, Portrait, Portrait Enhancer, Landscape, Sport, Night, Night (Tripod), Fireworks, Sunset, Snow, Beach, Party, Flower, Text, Dog, and Cat.

Easy Web Uploading to YouTube & FACEBOOK

The FinePix Z700EXR features image selection and editing functions that make it easier than ever to upload video clips or still photos to YouTube or FACEBOOK sites.

HDTV-Compatible Photos & Video

Able to capture both photos and movies in high-definition 16:9 format, the FinePix Z700EXR lets you discover the impact of full-screen HDTV image display (optional HD Player HDP-L1 is required).

Micro Thumbnail View

Up to 25 pictures can be viewed at a time in a 5x5 array of micro thumbnails.

Various Slideshows to Choose From

Slideshow with Music, MULTIPLE Slideshow, Close-up Slideshow

SD/SDHC Memory Card Slot

The versatile card slot is compatible with SD and high-capacity Secure Digital (SDHC) memory cards.

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