Casio Exilim EX-Z70 Digital Camera (Silver)

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The Casio Exilim EX-Z70 Digital Camera which is simple to use, offers 7.2-megapixel images and a 3X optical zoom packed into a slim body enhanced by rounded edges. The camera features a large, easy-to-see 2.5" LCD monitor, along with many other convenient and user-friendly features, including Easy Mode, a simplified camera menu that facilitates effortless picture taking.

The EX-Z70 includes the latest version of the Exilim Engine, featuring the Anti Shake DSP, which along with the Auto Macro and Quick Shutter functions, considerably reduces the incidence of blurred photos due to moving subjects or shaky hands. There is also a Rapid Flash function, which enables three consecutive high-speed flash photos in only one second, allowing you to completely capture the moment without losing precious seconds between shots.

The EX-Z70 incorporates 33 Best Shot modes which are accessible with the BEST SHOT Button, allowing convenient one-touch access to all of the scene selections, including Anti Shake, Old Photo which digitally revives faded colors and automatically adjusts for obliquity, even when photos are shot while still in the album, and the unique eBay Mode which allows users to take photos at a size that is optimized for display on eBay and also includes Auto Macro for capturing images of small items such as jewelry, tags, etc.

All Metal Exterior

The metal casing of the EX-Z70 is made exclusively from the finest quality materials, providing the camera with a strikingly elegant appearance and superb durability.

7.2 Megapixel Resolution

The CCD-Chip of the Exilim EX-Z70 supplies a rich 7.2 million pixels of full-color brilliance. Such high-resolution photos give you the advantage that you can print them out in excellent quality or edit them on the computer, making an enlargement of details and poster-size photo prints possible.

3x Optical Zoom Lens

The EX-Z70 may only be about as thick as your little finger, but it has a 3x optical zoom. And so you will be able to see the finest details and always be in the thick of the action with this ultra-compact camera. It also has a 4x Digital Zoom providing a combined zoom range of up to 12x.

9-point Multi AF

9-point Multi AF means you never need to worry about focusing again. When you press the shutter button, the camera automatically selects one of nine focus points, based on which one is aligned with the nearest subject, and focuses on that point. This helps to avoid the loss of foreground images and minimizes the change of images being out of focus. In addition, the "9-Point Multi AF" clearly indicates areas in autofocus when photographing subjects with multiple focus points.


For fast-moving subjects, the autofocus of the camera must be set anew again and again. That takes time and can cause delays when you click on the button. Therefore, the Pan-Focus switches off the Autofocus, if the release button is immediately pushed through completely. There are now just 0.002 seconds between the click of the release button and the beginning of the taking of the picture.

Exilim Engine

The EXILIM Engine image processing module in the EX-Z70 incorporates several components in a tiny space, works extremely quickly, and saves energy. Thus it offers high resolution, high-quality images, high-speed performance, and long-lasting battery in a miniaturized package.

Anti-Shake DSP

The EX-Z70 features the Anti Shake DSP, which reduces blurring caused by shaking hands or moving subjects by increasing ISO sensitivity up to 800 and using fast shutter speeds, while the Auto Macro and Quick Shutter feature ensure that photos are properly focused.

Enhanced Quick Responsiveness

Once powered on, the camera is ready to take pictures in approximately 1.4 seconds, and after the shutter is snapped, pictures are taken almost instantly, with only a 0.002-second release time lag. The "Direct On" buttons allow quick startup of both shooting and viewing modes, and a one-touch "BEST SHOT" button allows the selection of the appropriate mode for any shot. The camera also has High-speed image viewing at approximately 0.1 seconds intervals.

Best Shot Functions

The 33-scene BEST SHOT function enables the selection of the appropriate camera setting for still photos via an easy-to-understand sample image menu. "Old Photos" refreshes the faded colors of old album photos, bringing them back to life in digital format. The "Angle Correction" function corrects oblique shots to look as if they were taken from the front during image viewing. "Color Restoration" enables the digital enhancement of faded colors in old photos during image viewing. In Easy Mode, you just take good photos in every situation with your EX-Z70, without having to check presets - or accidentally making a wrong adjustment.

Exposure Warning & RGB-Histogram

It is not always possible to assess a fault in lighting before taking the picture. When the release button is pressed down halfway, the exposure warning is activated and draws your attention automatically to under or over-lighting. After the shot, you can display the RGB histogram to confirm proper exposure and color balance.

Powerful Fast Flash

The Built-in flash has a "Rapid Flash" feature that enables three consecutive flash photos in one second, while the "Soft Flash" function reduces flash brightness when taking close-up flash photos. Furthermore, the "Flash Assist" mode compensates for poorly illuminated areas of the shot.

Movie Functions

Movies are recorded in VGA (640 x 480 pixels) at 30 frames per second (Motion JPEG), and using the "Motion Print" function, movies can be converted into a series of nine or one single image for printing. Furthermore, Movies can be zoomed in during playback, and the "Movie Editing" function offers three options (beginning, middle, end) for cutting unwanted scenes from a movie

Built-in and Expandable Memory

The EX-Z60 has 8.3MB of internal memory so you can start shooting immediately. The storage capacity can also be greatly expanded with either Secure Digital (SD) or MultiMediaCard (MMC) media so you can save large numbers of photos and record movies in excess of an hour or more in duration.

Super Life Battery

Thanks to new technologies, the EX-Z70 uses much less energy, and at the same time, the included NP-20 Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery provides so much power, that the camera is ready for use at that decisive moment and takes up to 200 shots non-stop.

Large 2.5-inch TFT LCD display

With a large 2.5-inch diagonal screen size, the TFT color display of the EX-Z70 is so large that it takes up almost the entire back of the camera, and it is easy to view - even in bright sunlight. Furthermore, a "Picture Rotate" feature means Pictures taken in a portrait format can be manually rotated for playback in landscape format, so you don't have to turn the camera or your head in order to look at the picture.

Camera Customization Features

The EX-Z70 can be customized to the whim and needs of the user. Selectable Key-Tones mean users can choose the sounds played when they switch the camera on, half or fully depress the release button, and press other buttons. An opening image can be selected so your camera greets you at each switch-on with a favorite image or graphic. Use the Button Customizer to assign one of five functions to the EX-Z70 cursor keys. The Favorites feature means you can save your best pictures as personal favorites on the internal memory of the camera and find them quickly again at any time.

Calendar Playback Function

The calendar function offers a unique way to store your photos. For each day that you have taken a picture, a photo is displayed within a calendar graphic as an example, making it easier to find pictures easily or you can make a photo diary.

Date Edit Function

Does the wrong date appear, because you have changed the settings without realizing it? Or was the time on the clock not adapted to the local time when traveling? The data edit function is the perfect solution to precisely these problems - with this feature, the date and time recorded with your image can be corrected easily - even after the photo has been taken.

Icon Help function

Many of the EX-Z70 functions are all but self-explanatory. However, the Icon Help function provides small, helpful flashes of information on the camera screen that tell you about the setting you have currently selected.

Direct Print Capable

Connect the EX-Z70 directly to various printers and have your pictures in your hand shortly afterward without having to use a computer. The camera supports USB Direct Print which is the standard for EPSON printers, and PictBridge connects your camera to printers from many different manufacturers.

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