B-GRIP BGRTRVLK2 B Grip Travel Kit (Black)


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Just when you thought the B-Grip could not get any more convenint! Introducing the B-Grip Travel Kit. The B-Grip Travel Kit quickly and easily attaches your B-Grip and camera vertically to oriented straps and other closed circuit straps that you normally would not be able to attach your B-Grip to. Great for backpacks, the Travel Kit keeps your camera from swinging wildly and uncontrollably, like it would on a normal camera strap. Why is it called a "kit"? It includes a handy camera cover to keep your important camera parts out of the elements and a safety tether. B-Grip travel kit is sure to keep your DSLR conveniently ready to shoot at all times.

  • Vertical stap mount
  • Includes a camera raincoat
  • Security tether

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