B + W 52mm 80B Daylight to Tungsten Conversion Glass Filter (KB12)

B + W 52mm 80B Daylight to Tungsten Conversion Glass Filter (KB12)

B + W

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B&W Filters: Worthy of the Finest Lenses B&W filters are manufactured in the style of the best optical lenses. Each filter is cut from raw cylinders of pure Schott/Mainz optical glass, the same glass used by the world s top lens manufacturers. The filter mounts are made of black anodized solid brass. These high-quality components, combined with B&W s modern production technology and rigorous quality control, produce the flattest possible filters. This precision flatness (plano-parallelism) and B&W s high-quality anti-reflection coating, which is applied to both sides of the filter, minimizes the possibility of image deterioration due to flare.

  • Balances daylight film for use with most standard tungsten lighting, studio lighting and copy stand lighting Application: Used to shoot daylight film under artificial (household) lighting conditions
  • High Quality Schott Glass
  • Rugged Black Brass Filter Ring
  • Made in Germany

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