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B + W 52mm Soft Focus 2 (WZ2) Glass Filter

B + W 52mm Soft Focus 2 (WZ2) Glass Filter

B + W

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Brand: B + W


  • Provides diffusion effect while maintaining detail
  • Softening/diffusion
  • Schott glass
  • Made in Germany

Publisher: B + W

Details: B+W Soft Focus 2 WZ2 Effect Glass Filter  This item is a older non F-Pro series Filter. Same Standard SC coated product. Exposed filter ring depth of this filter is 5mm versus the 4mm of the F-Pro Series B&W Soft Focus (WZ1,WZ2) filters reduce contrast and create a soft halo around the highlights. They are also ideal for creating a hint of softness or blurred contours, Their effect is based on concentric rings in the glass and can be enhanced by opening up or reduced by closing down the aperture. They are available in grades 1 and 2, with 2 having the greater effect. Type: Softening/diffusion Filter Factor: 0 Effect: Provides diffusion effect while maintaining detail Construction: Schott glass

EAN: 4012240772698

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