BlackRapid RMA-20B Coupler (Black)


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CoupleR... Behold, the coupling of two R-Straps into a two camera carrying system! The CoupleR is BlackRapid's simplest solution to carrying two cameras. By coupling any two R-Straps in the back, and wearing them like a backpack, your cameras will hang vertically at your sides. You'll feel free and secure while having both cameras quickly accessible. The CoupleR is made from the same bomb-proof webbing used on the R-Straps, with the addition of high strength elastic for automatic sizing. Simply snap one or more CoupleRs to the back portion of two R-Straps, and adjust their height for comfort. Presto!, two cameras at your beck and call.

  • Joins two BlackRapid single straps for double strap action
  • Works best with BlackRapid RS-4 & RS-5
  • Easy snaps to attach to any 1” webbing
  • Slightly elastic for comfort when shooting
  • Positioned at sternum level and between the shoulder blades

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