Camson Padded & Water Resistant Lens Pouch Bag Case + Adjustable Shoulder Strap


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Camson Lens Bag features ultra thick padding, offers great protection and shock absorption for your lens Sturdy water-resistant exterior material ensures additional all-around safety
Inner Size: 4.5" x 9".
Suitable for 70-200mm, 100-400mm, 180mm, 80-400mm, and more
Provides 3 carrying options: Rear double touch belt loop, Two webbed eyelet loops for a shoulder strap and Two D-rings for a shoulder strap.

  • Well Padded
  • Water-Resistant
  • Included Shoulder Strap
  • Suitable for Lenses like 70-200mm, 100-400mm, 180mm, 80-400mm, and more

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