Datacolor DC SC100 Spyder Cube

Datacolor DC SC100 Spyder Cube


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SpyderCube...Control color by balancing light! This is not just another gray card! Create your own custom white balance obtain spectral neutrality data from multiple lightsources and correct highlight and shadow details with SpyderCube. Establishing an accurate custom white balance ensures an accurate image from the start of each new photo session. Photographers can capture accurate color without a lot of after-the-fact manipulation. SpyderCube is the RAW calibration tool that belongs in every photographer's bag! The SpyderCube makes your camera more intelligent! It captures in a single shot a wide range of color and exposure data. You simply use the cube in one of a series of images adjust accordingly save as a preset and apply to an entire series of images to color correct in seconds. Includes Datacolor SpyderCube Protective pouch Quick Start Guide (available in 10 languages: English Spanish French German Italian Russian Traditional Chinese Simplified Chinese Korean Japanese).

  • Designed for - advanced amateur, professional photographers and anyone who shoots with a digital SLR
  • Capture accurate color without a lot of trial and error manipulation
  • Spectrally Neutral, so that Cube responds accurately to all lighting conditions
  • Provides reference values to check and adjust RAW control settings
  • Includes Black Trap for shadow detail control

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