Digital Exposure Handbook

  • $12.95

A comprehensive guide to the theory and practice of controlling exposure to produce professional results

Exposure is a fundamental part of photographic technique, but is often thought of as mysterious or difficult to understand. In this revised edition, the nitty gritty of this fascinating subject is unraveled and presented in a clear and easy-to-understand way. This practical, handbook-sized, jargon-free guide will be your essential companion out in the field. Although the process of making a successful exposure is based on science, a photographer’s individual interpretation means that creativity becomes part of the equation. Digital cameras have brought a new dimension to exposure control, offering photographers the ability to review images in the field, as well as being able to change the sensitivity of the sensor from shot to shot. This guide include the basics of exposure and digital camera settings, putting exposure into practice in a variety of situations from landscapes to abstracts, coping with the quality, quantity, and contrast of natural and artificial ambient light, making effective use of built-in and external flash light, applying digital filters, and enhancing exposure in the digital darkroom.

  • Ammonite Press