Gary Fong Puffer 4-3 for Compact Micro Four Thirds Cameras

Gary Fong

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The Puffer 4-3 for CompactMicro Four Thirds cameras mounts in the hot-shoe of cameras with a pop-up flash, greatly softening the quality of light. It’s ideal for portraits, grabshots of small groups and close-ups of objects. (Amazing for eBay photos, too!) It packs flat for convenient storage in your camera bag or pocket and has eight different mounting positions for the perfect fit with most pop-up flash cameras. (Also available in models for Canon/Nikon/Pentax/Olympus/Panasonic-Lumix, and Sony/Konica-Minolta model cameras.)

  • Gary Fong Lifetime Warranty
  • Provides diffused lighting from camera's pop-up flash
  • Eliminates shadows by softening harsh direct camera flash
  • Ingeniously mounts via the camera's flash shoe
  • Adjustable for center positioning of any pop-up flash regardless of size

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