Gepe 3856E CardSafe Basic Duo for Compact Flash, SD, Smart Media, Multimedia Card, & Memory Stick (Onyx)


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Color:Mandarin Orange

Every Photographer using a Digital Camera, whether professional or amateur, uses some type of Digital Media Storage Card and needs a safe way to transport and store them. The Gepe Card Safe Basic Duo Multi-Card Digital Media Storage Case is the best protection for your valuable Digital Media Storage Cards! Designed to store different types of digital media cards, the Card Safe Basic Duo has rubber edges and is made from the lightest, high quality Makrolon BASF polycarbonate and is anti-static, shock resistant, dust-proof, and waterproof. It also floats, has clear viewing windows, and a lanyard loop for extra security. (Lanyard sold separately)

  • Holds 2-Compact Flash, 2-SD, 2-SmartMedia, 2-MultiMediaCard, 2-Memory Stick, or a combination of any 2 compatible memory cards
  • Made from Makrolon BASF
  • Static-proof
  • Shock resistant
  • Dust-proof

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