Giottos AGSP-8251 Screen Protector (Transparent/Black)

  • $32.90

The "AEGIS" Professional LCD Screen Protector from Giotto’s is made of tempered optical glass from “Schott” Germany. The 12 AR Coatings on each side eliminate glare and light reflections on the LCD as well as aberrations, residual images and ghost images from the CCD. Giotto’s AEGIS completely protects the LCD from abrasions, scratches, impact, dust and moisture. The AEGIS is designed for digital cameras and camcorders with specific screens protectors for Nikon, Canon, Sony and Fuji DSLR’s. The top layer on each side repels dust and moisture to aid in keeping the Aegis clean! The Aegis adheres to the frame around the LCD and is not in direct contact with the LCD screen. The Aegis is easily removed by heating it with a hair dryer from about 12-14 inches away.

  • Size 2.5 56.3 x 46.7mm
  • Made from Schott glass of Germany with 12 anti-reflection coatings on each side with nano technology
  • Completely protects the LCD from abrasions, scratches, impact, dust, fingerprints, and moisture
  • The Aegis adheres to the frame around the LCD which adds rigidity against impacts
  • Uses 12-layer Anti-reflective coating technology of Leybold, Germany to improve the  transparency and withstand UV, thus protecting the LCD, improving the color quality and prolonging the working life of the screen 
  • 56.3x46.7mm
  • Includes lint-free cleaning cloth
  • Also fits Casio V-8; Nikon Coolpix P-2; P-50, P-5100; Olympus E3; Stylus 740, Stylus 1000, Stylus FE-180, Stylus F200, Stylus F230; Pentax K10D; and Optio M-30