Giottos BLC100 Sandbag (Black)

Giottos BLC100 Sandbag (Black)


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Giottos sandbags are made of high-grad, high strength 1680d nylon double jacquard fabric whose covers are coated twice to endure water-proofing. They have an internal frame, a handle attachment and a hidden strap that can be tied to the center column. When in use, they can be connected in series, to add to the total weight.

  • Deluxe large size holds 2.2 lbs. per side total of 4.4 lb.
  • Can connect to additional sandbags
  • Made of 1680d nylon double jacquard fabric
  • Internal Frame
  • Internal frame
  • Holds 2.2 lbs of sand per side, 4.4 lbs total
  • Can be used with steel shot for even greater weight

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