Gitzo GH2780QR Series 2 Magnesium Center Ball Head QR (Gray)

Gitzo GH2780QR Series 2 Magnesium Center Ball Head QR (Gray)


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Brand: Gitzo

Color: Gray


  • Advanced Leveling System with 2 spirit levels
  • Large Bubble sphere for smooth movement and accurate locking
  • Large locking knob with friction control
  • Separate Panoramic lock
  • Redesigned quick release system

Publisher: Gitzo

Gitzo is renowned for its beautiful range of high performance tripods that represent the state of the art of the market. Now Gitzo launches a complete and innovative range of center ball heads, engineered to be the perfect match to our tripods. These heads are designed to be an extremely balanced product, that not only guarantee a high max load, but that also maximize other key features, too often overlooked by the end users. These features include smoothness, minimized drift angle, lightweight, low gravity center, greater tilt angles, compactness, ergonomics and safety.
This is achieved by means of unique and exclusive technical solutions, such as the hollow Bubble Ball, the Spring Assisted Double Lock (SADL) and the new leveling system. The Bubble Ball allows for an impressive weight reduction and it gives these heads the best weight to max load ratio in the market. The revolutionary SADL system combined to the PTFE treated Bubble Ball guarantees both an exceptional locking power and ultra smooth high precision movement. The new leveling system made of three independent leveling bubbles on the quick release plate and one in the ball stem, always guarantee perfectly leveled images. The problem that affects many high quality heads in the market regarding the drift angle is absolutely minimized with an outstanding value of 0,03. The quick release plate, besides the traditional double safety system, features a new lever operated locking for increased safety and compactness. The new Gitzo ball heads include a convenient Anti Dust Bag for storage and packing. The textile anti dust bag is also a support to environmental protection; aiming to reduce the amount of plastic bags the world industry produces every year

Package Dimensions: 5.2 x 4.1 x 3.6 inches

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