Leica M6 Kit Platinum Anton Bruckner Edition with 2.8/50mm (10454)

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The basis of LEICA M6 Anton Bruckner Edition was a Leica M6 with Platinum plated body finishing. It was supplied with an ELMAR-M 1:2.8/50mm which is also Platinum plated and has special engraving. The leather work for this Leica Edition uses an usual Iguana skinned leatherette to give it such a glittering contrast with the precious metal fitted exterior appearance.
the LEICA M6 PLATINUM ANTON BRUCKNER 1824~1896 200 units Special Edition featuring here was also work of another Leica distributor, Leitz-Austria Vertriebs GmbH. You can regarded one of them was an oriental version and another has a raw European nature but each carried a differing objective. But I guess side by side comparison, the Anton Bruckner M6 Platinum has a slightly more wider appeal as it uses a universal icon in music scene as compare to the Schmidt's M6 Platinum Edition which was more restricted theme as a localized version. However, it may take classical music lovers cum Leica photographer and/or collector to appreciate such a theme in its release.
Note: the "1824~1896" denoting the year of birth/death of Anton Bruckner. 1996 was to commemorate 100 years of his departure.

  • Platinum body outfit Accompanying with a theme of musical wizardry of an Austrian music composer.
  • Platinum plate ELMAR collapsible 50/2.8 was a delightful touch.