Leica M7 Rangefinder 35mm Camera w/.58x Viewfinder, Black (Model 10503)


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Product description

Classics are works that clash with the present. They are never modified, instead they are re-interpreted on the basis of a changed world: With the LEICA M7, a classic celebrates a new premiere. Convenience and fast operation of the camera have been enhanced even further with automatic shutter speed control and detail improvements. The Leica cloth focal plane shutter, with its vibration-free and quiet action is a must for a genuine Leica M camera, is now controlled electronically.

Form, size and the proven operating concept were retained without changes. Virtually all system components of the preceding models remain compatible. Photography with the new LEICA M7 is a surprisingly new and yet unchanged experience

Comes with Neck Strap, Body Cap, Two 3-Volt Lithium Batteries & 3-Year Passport Warranty

Key Features

  • Make automatic exposures:stepless automatic shutter speed control with metered value storage
  • Work more accurately: cloth focal plane shutter controls exposure times electronically
  • Stay informed at all times:Unique LED integrated in the viewfinder
  • Start immediately:An ON/OFF switch is positioned ergonomically right next to the release button
  • Flash at ultra-high exposure times:In conjunction with special Metz flash units can now flash at synch speeds up to 1/1000 second
  • Use flash creatively:Flash unit can also be triggered by the second shutter curtain
  • Prevent faulty exposures:DX coding and override feature in the automatic exposure mode


Leica's M7 35mm compact rangefinder camera has been historically renowned for its build quality and outstanding performance, as field-tested by the most demanding photojournalists and avant-garde artists. The lens is built with the Leica M design and has a focal length of 21 to 135mm. All manual operations continue to be present, but this newest update now sports electronic control and operation with an on/off switch that starts it all.

You can now make automatic exposures with the stepless electronic shutter speed control with metered value storage. The cloth focal plane shutter has turned electronic, controlling exposure time silently and accurately. An unusual but undoubtedly useful feature is the viewfinder with LED display, a total of 33 different readings are visible to keep you on top of all the information.

With an additional flash unit installed, the second shutter curtain can trigger the flash. The two film-speed settings, manual and automatic, eliminate bad exposures that come from setting the wrong film speeds. Film loading, advance, and rewind remain manual for greater control.

  • 35mm compact rangefinder camera
  • Electronic controls with on/off switch
  • Focal length of 21 to 135mm
  • Stepless automatic shutter control
  • .58x magnification viewfinder integrated with LED

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