Leica SL 2 (Typ 2998) Mirrorless Digital Camera Body

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Key Features:

  • New Maestro III Image Processor with 4GB Buffer
  • 47.3MP Full-Frame CMOS Sensor
  • Improved viewfinder
  • 4K Cine Mode up to 60fps
  • Full-HD up to 180fps
  • Slightly larger & improved touch screen on the rear of the camera
  • New menu system separating Still Image capture from Movie Image capture
  • Improved ergonomics around the handgrip
  • 5x axis image stabilization built into the body

Introducing the Leica SL2 L-mount full-frame mirrorless camera. Boasting an incredible 47.3MP sensor, a new Maestro 111 processor with 4GB buffer, an improved viewfinder, 5-axis in-body image stabilization, and an improved grip.

Full Frame 47.3MP sensor

The camera boasts a 47.3-megapixel full-frame sensor that has been designed with only two glass elements to minimize stray reflections. This allows for the Leica SL Lenses to deliver their legendary, unparalleled quality.

Improved viewfinder

Another new feature is the 5760k-dot high-resolution EVF. This allows you to preview your shots exactly as they will turn out. The EVF has a large eyecup for comfort and has a sensor for automatically detecting when it’s lifted to your eye.

New Maestro III processor with 4GB Buffer

The Leica SL2 houses the new Maestro 111 processor with 4GB buffer allowing up to 20fps and a buffer memory of 78 for DNG files and 100 for JPG.

Lighter Magnesium Body

The body of the camera is constructed of aluminum and magnesium and weighs a sprightly 835g (without a battery) which is 12g lighter than its predecessor.

Perfect for cinematographers

The SL2 can capture stunning video footage as well as outstanding skills. It can capture up to 60fps in 4K cine mode, up to 180fps in Full-HD and even 30fps in 5K. 

It is also possible to connect a microphone and head jack without the use of adapters thanks to the built-in headphone and mic jacks as well as an HDMI connector for external monitoring.

Separate photo and video interface

Avery useful feature on the SL2 is a unique user interface that allows you to switch between photo and video functions with ease.

When used in video mode ISO becomes ASA, shutter speed is marked in degrees and the f-stops are replaced by T-stops, which measure the actual amount of light transmitted through the lens.

Compatible with more than 170 Leica Lenses

Not only is the Leica SL2 compatible with SL-Lenses, but also with TL-system lenses. It is also possible to use M, S and R-system lenses via an adapter (sold separately) making over 170 lenses compatible with this camera.

Compatible with Leica FOTOS App 2.0

As of November 21, 2019, the Leica FOTOS app will be available in version 2.0. You can expect many new features and a whole new mobile workflow experience on the iPad. This will be fully compatible with the Leica SL2.

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