Nissin Speedlite Di 866 Mark II

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Product Description

Nissin Di 866 Mark II Guide# 198- firmware upgradeable via USB, wireless TTL, digital/analog slave, 24-105mm zoom

From the Manufacturer

Nissin Di866 MARK II for Nikon DSLR's. New and Enhanced Features. The Nissin Di866 Mark II has several new features including: A new metal foot, Whisper Quiet Zoom Head, Expanded sub-flash range and an improved wireless sensor. Color and Auto Rotate Display: The Color Display will automatically follow the camera from the horizontal to vertical positions. The six icon interface gives the user easy operation by representing the six different menu options – Auto, TTL, Manual/Av, Multi, Wireless TTL (Master/Remote) and Custom Setting. Various Functions – TTL, Manual/Av, Multi Flash. TTL: Supports Nikon i-TTL. Manual: Flash power can be adjusted manually at 22 levels, from full power to 1/128 power. Av priority: The flash light can be automatically controlled by the built in photo sensor. The F. Stop can be set from F1.4~F16 and the flash distance at the F-stop set on the flash and camera is shown in the display. Multi Flash: The power ratio can be set from 1/8 to 1/128. Wireless Solutions for multiple flash situations. The Di866 Mark II Wireless TTL system supports the Nikon CLS wireless system and can be used as either a Master or a Remote flash. The M and Av modes offer two optical slave functions. SD slave supports digital pre-flash systems. SF slave supports a traditional flash system Sub-Flash: The Di866 Mark II provides an extra small flash below the main flash. This small flash gives a fill-in light while bouncing the main flash. It is adjustable from 1/1 - 1/128 power. Whisper Quiet Zoom Head: Auto Zoom covers 24~105mm focal range. Light diffusing panel covers wide 18mm (35mm format) Also included is a built in bounce card. Rear curtain sync and High speed shutter: In Rear curtain sync., the flash fires just before the rear curtain is closed. The Di 866 Mark II also supports High Speed Synchronization for shutter speeds above the normal sync speed. Flash head tilts up to 90°and rotates horizontally 90°to the right and 180°to the left.

  • Exclusive 2yr warranty
  • Auto Rotate Color Display
  • Wireless TTL Master
  • 24-104mmm Auto Zoom Head
  • Quick Load Battery Magazine