OP/TECH USA Soft Pouch Zippeez

  • $15.99

Size:Small |  Color:Red

Product Description

Our company started in 1982 in Jackson hole, Wyoming with the development of the fast cap product. At that time, op/Tech USA was only a small dream of a man named bill Heckerman who was a born innovator. He knew that there was a better way to protect a lens and he was bound and determined to develop it. As an engineer, he was always designing no matter where he was at the moment. Shortly after the introduction of the fast cap, the fashion Strap came on the market. Everyone thought we were crazy. After all, who wanted to pay for an aftermarket Strap when a webbing Strap came with the camera? besides, what was this neoprene material all about? no one had ever seen neoprene used in this manner before and UNLESS you were an underwater diver, you may have never seen it at all. Looking back, it's amazing that bill Heckerman had the tenacity and determination to keep moving forward. We've continued to think outside of the box and anticipate customer needs so that we can meet them with an innovative solution. Our product offering has expanded greatly over the years yet our commitment to superior function and quality remains. Our products carry a lifetime warranty against defects in materials or workmanship because we feel that people still want a company and product that they can depend on. We know once you try our products and become part of our extended family, you will feel the difference!

From the Manufacturer

Soft Pouch Zippeez are unique zippered pouches designed to carry your gear horizontally on your belt. The main compartment offers a full-width zipper with gusseted pocket for maximum accessibility. It also has a neoprene inner panel between the pouch and the front pocket. This allows the main compartment to stretch in size to fit slightly larger cameras. The front zippered pocket is a great place to store extra film, media cards, batteries and more. There is no better digital accessory for your small camera and electronics needs. The belt clip secures snugly with a hook and loop overlapping lock to ensure a strong hold.

  • Fits over most compact cameras
  • Easy to attach to a belt using an overlapping lock system
  • Washable
  • Red neoprene construction
  • Approximate dimensions: 4 x 2.75 x 1 inches / 101.6 x 69.85 x 25.4 millimeters (W x H x D)
  • Soft, durable neoprene stretches to fit a large variety of shapes and sizes
  • Offers full-width zipper, gusseted pocket and front accessory pocket for added versatility
  • Fits most compact cameras while in use or storage
  • Easy to attach with a unique double-latched belt clip
  • Constructed of durable, thick neoprene that repels water in inclement weather