Paramount 3' Coiled Sync Cord, Sunpak to PC

  • $24.95

Heavy Duty Cords - 3 Foot Coiled ( 16 Inches Unextended - Extends to 3 Feet ) SP-3C Sunpak to PC 3 Ft CoiledPC Standard Tip: For most professional cameras. Heavier tip construction provides a snug fit, will not fall out of camera or lens. Not recommended for Olympus, Minolta, Canon or other 35MM cameras, unless you loosen the PC with the "PC Conditioner Plus".Sunpak: Fits Sunpak 522 and all Sunpak strobes with a single pin plug. For Sunpak flashes with a three-prong plug, use our standard HH plug.Lightweight cords don't stand up. They break, they short and their tips get loose, fall out, don't make contact. Heavy duty Paramount cords feature doubly insulated, heavy gauge wire for strength. Wires within the cords are positioned in parallel to eliminate twisting, knotting, kinking, and breaking, and they're individually stranded and tinned for maximum conductivity. Cord coils keep their spring and elasticity through years of use.These PC Tips are stronger, too. Made of molded plastic with conductors wrapped between metal and nylon bushings, they permit the PC to rotate 360 degrees without breaking. Paramount tips seat solidly for reliable contact.Paramount PC construction represents a significant improvement over traditional soldered connectors, which are brittle and often break. The heavy metal construction on the PC's resists splitting.