Photek Velour Background-in-a-Bag, 6' x 7' - Blue

Photek Velour Background-in-a-Bag, 6' x 7' - Blue


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Photek's world famous BACKGROUNDS-IN-A-BAG, provide the perfect product for the traveling photographer. Thousands of our backgrounds are in use throughout the photographic world. Industrial, Commercial, Video, Portrait and Wedding photographers count them amoung their most important tools.Featherlight in weight, just 6 pounds for the 8x12' and less than 4 pounds for the 6x7' background, the material is of nylon-blend velour specially dyed to our specifications. The 8' x 12' may also be used in a 12' x 8' configuration such as would be required for larger or wider compositions.Hand painted on one side to create an "old masters" effect (an important plus to the portrait photographer) the reverse side is offered in its solid color for other photographic uses. Because the material is not completely opaque, the backgrounds respond very well to additive color through the use of gels.

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