Promaster SystemPRO IR PLUS Remote Shutter Release - for Canon w/N3 Connector

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Available for Canon and Nikon, this is the MOST VERSATILE remote you could own. The PROMASTER SystemPRO IR PLUS remote shutter release adds wireless infrared remote capability to cameras that don''t have built in IR receivers. The design of the receiver on this unit lets you trigger your camera from both the back and the front. Cameras with built-in IR usually have a receiver only on the front of the camera. In addition to adding IR capability, the PROMASTER SystemPRO IR PLUS can be used as a wired remote shutter release on compatible cameras. Finally the PLUS PLUS is that the trigger of the PROMASTER SystemPRO IR PLUS can be used with ANY compatible camera with built in IR capability. Available in Canon and Nikon versions. IR for Canon and Nikon cameras without built-in IR function (i.e. D700, 50D) Wired for cameras with RS80/N3 or MC30 connector IR Trigger for all Canon and Nikon with built-in IR

  • Promaster IR+ Remote for Canon RS80/N3 Connector