Sony ECM MS908C Microphone - Stereo - Metallic Gray


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Product features

  • Video camera shoe attachment
    Fits beautifully on most camcorders
  • Extension arm
    Holds the ECM-908C away from the camcorder body, reducing the transmission of mechanical noise
  • Stereo sound
    Takes advantage of the two-channel sound tracks on many of today's top camcorders: DV, Digital8, Hi8, 8mm, VHS, S-VHS and VHS-C formats all offer the option of stereo sound; check your camcorder for compatibility
  • Inconspicuous, compact design
    For easy portability
  • One-point stereo design
    A single mic for stereo recording-is like having two microphones in one
  • Mid/Side (MS) capsules
    For natural stereo panorama; the Mid capsule picks up monophonic sound while the Side capsule picks up left/right difference sound; subtracting and adding the two capsule signals yield separate Left and Right channels-also permit electronic adjustment of pickup angle
  • Mid/Side (MS) switch
    Lets you select the "spread" between left and right channels according to the camera zoom, the environment and the shooting situation; choose 90° for close-ups and noisy environments; choose 120° for wide shots and quieter environments
  • Oxygen-Free Copper (OFC) Litz cord
    For minimum loss, minimum noise
  • L-shaped stereo mini-plug
    Fits portable recorders
  • Gold-plated plug
    For maximum conductivity, minimum noise
  • Triangular shape
    Fits comfortably in the hand
  • Supplied Accessories
    Include windscreen, microphone holder with camera shoe, extension arm and pouch

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