TiffenDeep Yellow Filter

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Product Description

Filters for black and white photography perform a variety of filtration effects including contrast control, enhanced skin tones, tonal corrections and more dramatic landscapes. Although originally intended for use with black and white film, these filters can also be used as a creative tool in color imaging. Yellow 8 This medium yellow filter offers the most correct tonal range contrast to produce natural clouds against blue skies. Yellow 12 "Minus blue" cuts haze in aerial work; reduces excess blue of full moon in astrophotography. Recommended as a basic filter for use with Kodak Aero Ektachrome Infrared film. Yellow 15 Enhances landscapes, marine scenes and aerial photography with more dramatic effects than Yellow 8.


Use to enhance landscapes, marine scenes, and aerial photography.

  • Deep yellow filter
  • Renders sky dramatically darker
  • Produces more dramatic effects than Yellow 8 filter
  • 58mm diameter
  • Primarily for black-and-white imaging