Vivitar 1 Hour Rapid Charger for Canon BP-511 Battery

  • $19.95

Vivitar QC201 AC/DC Rapid Charger CANON BP508/511/511A<BR>The Vivitar AC/DC Rapid Charger CAN Charge Battery in the car or from any standard walloutlet. Built in wall plug. 100 240V for worldwide use. Includes 12V DC Car.Charger. Dual LED indicator, indicates RED when charging and GREEN when completed.<BR>- Includes:<BR>- 12V DC Car Charger. (Cigarette lighter adapter)<BR>- European AC plugadapter.<BR>- Features:<BR>- Designed to quickly and safely charge digital camera battery.<BR>- Slim and portable design, easy to carry.<BR>- Smart LED charging status indicator stays red when charging<BR>- and turns green when fully charged.<BR>- AC Desktop Wall Charger Input: AC 100 240V.<BR>- Short circuit protection.<BR>- Compatible with Digital Models:<BR>CANON BP 508/511/511A 512A,522,535<BR>

  • FOR CANON BP508/511/511A
  • 512A,522,535