With Mother's Day coming up this Sunday (5/8), you may want to give Mom a special photo gift to commemorate her maternal awesomeness. But where do you begin and how to I do it? Thanks to my pal Me Ra Koh, here are "24 Ways To Help Mom Shine In A Photo For Mother's Day"  from her blog on babble.com (Thanks, Me Ra and Happy Mother's Day to you!)


 Every mom has that beautiful, inner, shining spirit.  And on her special day and these tips, you should be able to take a special photo of Mom or Grandma (or both) that will capture that spirit & will be treasured for years to come!

If Mom would like a camera for Mother's Day, we have some great Nikon specials this week so come in or give us a call. We're back to our regular store hours after our Passover break (open 'till 8 PM on Thursday if that helps) and we're eager and happy to help you get the perfect gift for Mom.

(Photo By Jen Bebb)

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