We've thoroughly enjoyed teaching our Thursday night photo classes (including our DSLR Basics class tomorrow night) over the last 4 years. And it's quite fulfilling to see tangible improvements from our customers/students over that time. So allow us to share one additional tidbit that can help to improve your photography. And guess what? It doesn't involve using a camera at all!
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Mother Jones Magazine's website just posted an article called " 8 ways to improve your photography without using your camera" which are exercises in using your personal vision in everyday situations to improve the quality of your photos. Author Jaymi Heimbuch states that "The camera is the tool with which you capture your vision of the world, but it's your vision of the world that makes your photographs something special. So, practicing photography without your camera is just as important as with it. This way, you're exercising your skills at spotting photographs in the first place, and without the added pressure of actually capturing the scene, you're free to let your imagination hit full speed." 
We shared an example of one exercise last year when photographer Matthew Jordan Smith suggested watching the first hour of the classic film "The Sound Of Music" with the sound off and concentrating on the composition and imagery projected in this visually stunning motion picture.  Using these exercises will certainly expand your vision that will then allow you to capture in an image what your mind's eye sees! And if you need additional help with the functions of your DSLR, join us tomorrow night for our "DSLR Basics" class at 6:30 PM in the back of the store.
(Photo By Fred Bonilla)
PS...Please bear with us as we renovate our store's interior over the next few weeks. A much needed coat of paint is just one of the improvements we're doing to improve the quality of your shopping experience here at CWS.

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