It's the day we've all been waiting for... Yes, it's the day when we're sure we can put away the snow shovels and salt and bring out the lawn furniture. Yup, it's the first REALLY nice day of 2012 with beautiful blue skies and a temperature as we write (4/16 at 3:40 PM) of 83 degrees! It's also the time to get your cameras ready for the soon coming events of the next few weeks such as Mother's & Father's Day, Graduations and of course SUMMER! I've given you some advice in the last month or so on how to get great shots of your friends, family & kids but it would be almost criminal of us if we don't offer advice on how to get great photos of your pets! Here's a great article from called "Springtime is Primetime For Pet Portraits" by photographer/writer Alice B. Miller. As you read through the article, you'll find that most of the advice given to take great photos of children can also be applied to your pets but of course, there are some exceptions (the use of milk bones, for example!). Her advice on taking shots with contrasting contrasts is worth the time to read the whole article, so click onto the link above and enjoy! And if you need a little extra help, come on in and ask any of us here at CWS! We're also going back to basics the next 2 weeks with our Thursday night classes with "Digital Point & Shoot Basics" this Thursday (4/19) and "Digital SLR Basics" next Thursday (4/26). Both classes are at the store and start at 7PM. Come join us! I can attest to the joys of taking shots of your pets for the simple reason of having a great image to remember them upon their passing. Princess (above) was my friend/companion/wingdog for over 15 years and this shot I took of her in her prime almost convinces me that she was a supermodel in a previous life. Take time to get some shots of your pets; you'll never regret it.  (Photo and Text by Fred Bonilla)  

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