Every store or business establishment has a "Norm". You know, the guy from the classic TV show "Cheers" who light up the place with his presence and lets you know that all is right with the world. For us at Camera Wholesalers, that guy is Carmine Vaccaro...

Carmine was commended last year for his service in the Navy during the Korean War by being named to the Connecticut Veterans Hall Of Fame. He looks forward to commemorate the anniversary of the bombing of Pearl Harbor tomorrow with his remaining service members of the Stamford community. Even at 83, he remains a busy man. From an article printed last year in the Stamford Advocate , "Vaccaro keeps a busy schedule serving the Stamford community. He volunteers at Holy Spirit Church, Knights of Columbus, American Legion, Food Bank, New Covenant House of Hospitality, Toys for Tots, and other charitable organizaions. At Smith House, he gives communion, reads Bible selections during Mass and holds prayer services with residents".

He's also one of our best photofinishing customers, coming in every time he's finished an event, showing us shots he's taken with various celebrities and dignitaries. And he has such a warm and expressive face, so I decided to take a portrait of him, a small way to say thanks for his service and patronage. He was truly touched by the gesture and happy that we were going to share the picture with you. The smile tells it all...


And in that spirit, we want to share with you an event that is happening world-wide tomorrow (12/7). Help-Portrait is a global movement of photographers, hairstylists, makeup artists and other volunteers using their time, tools and expertise to give back to those in need. Since it started in 2009, over 282,000 portraits have been taken by over 20,000 photographers in 2,100 different locations in over 60 different countries. It's not too late to go to their website and see if you can give a hand. Or you can get caught up in the spirit of the holiday & volunteer your service in someway to one in need. If you have a spare toy or some canned food, you can bring it in and give it to Toys For Tots or The Food Bank Of Lower Fairfield County. In any small way, we can follow the example of kind folks like Carmine to make our town a better one and reflect in deed as well as word the spirit of this holiday season.

(Photo By Fred Bonilla)


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