Our thanks to the 55 folks who took part in last Thursday's EOS Discovery Day, sponsored by Canon with special thanks to Rick Berk from Canon for teaching the seminar. Feedback from the evening was very positive and we're looking forward to doing it again real soon. Our 4 nights of Nikon classes are coming up soon as mentioned below, so please call or email us if you'd like to come to any of the classes taking place from July 6th to the 9th. In the meanwhile, our DSLR mini class on Thursday will have a little twist. To try to answer the many questions you've had regarding picture taking of your kids and others in action, our emphasis will be on Sports & Action Photography. We've boned up on taking sports photos (as seen by this shot of our CWS staff member Todd's swing!) and are ready to assist you with tips and advice on capturing your favorite action & sports moments. That's this Thursday June 24th at 7PM , here at the store. So that everyone can concentrate on the proceedings, no vuvuzelas will be allowed to be blown during class! (Photo by Fred Bonilla)

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