Allow us to impart to you a simple yet important thing to do that will instantly improve the photos you're taking: Make sure to keep your lenses CLEAN! Ah, but how does one do it correctly? Here's a link from a N.Y. Times article that gives some advice on how to clean your camera lenses from Nikon's senior tech manager: . We at CWS love all our customers, but with Mother's Day coming up, we would like to give mad props (i.e. proper homage) to the wonderful ladies who have bought their cameras, lenses and other equiptment from us as well as printing pictures of their children's birthdays, recitals, games and general adorableness (Is that a word?). A recent marketing study confirms what any camera store already knows: Mothers come in as an important factor in the digital camera market, taking significantly more photos than the average population. The study showed that mothers with children under the age of 12 take approximately 35% more photos with their digital cameras than all other camera owners, over 110 a month. The logic behind this trend is clear. Younger children, from about age 7 to age 11 or 12, participate in a wide range of parent-friendly activities, including dance recitals, sporting events, classroom presentations, school plays, and family vacations. As a residual result, moms also film more video with their cameras, camcorders & phones than anyone else; While most adult video footage lasts only 20 minutes or so, the average length of video shot by moms is over 40 minutes. To all that we say: Thank You! For all of you who want to get a camera (or any other photo item) for Mom on May 8th, we ask you keep your eyes peeled on our upcoming Mother's Day Sale! We'll let you know when it breaks by e-mail ( if you're on our list, that is: If you're not, just give us your email address on the "Join Our E-Mail List" section of our site to the lower left of this blogpost), Facebook, Twitter or on these blog pages. There are some great items for sale & some great one week only offers from our photo lab. Our free weekly camera classes are another way we help Moms, Dads & everyone else learn to get the photo memories they'll always cherish. Our Action & Sports Photography class is tonight at 7PM, & we're looking forward to our Digital Photo Basics Class taught in Spanish next week! Our class schedule is updated to the 1st week in August and don't forget our Digital Days weekend we're having with Pop Photo Magazine & Sony in June!

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