This has been a busy week in the photography world, with much to get excited about... The last couple of days brought the introduction of Adobe Photoshop CS5, and with it new capabilities with HDR, 3D and image painting ( For folks that don't need the full capabilities of their new $600 program, we have a great deal for you which we'll mention at the end of the post. This weekend also brought the opening at the Museum of Modern Art in NYC of a retrospective of work from what many call the most influencial photographer of the 20th Century, Henri Cartier-Bresson ( which I plan to visit and report on in a later post. It was also revealed this week that the season finale episode of "House", one of the most popular shows on TV has been filmed ENTIRELY with a Canon 5D Mark II, which marks the beginning of a new era that changes the film and still photography world  simultaneously! (For a short interview with the director & how he did it, click here: And it's only Wednesday...(image courtesy of Canon USA) Oh, here's the deal I was talking about: On a previous post, we offered a great deal on a software package for folks who buy either a D300 or D5000 reconditioned camera.  Well, a few folks cried "foul" &  wondered if they can get the software, too! (See two posts below this one!) So, while supplies last, you can get this great software bundle that includes Adobe Photoshop Elements 8, which is a $100 value by itself plus at least 3 other cool software titles for only $49.99 when purchased with any digital camera, camcorder, printer, scanner or digital picture frame you buy from Camera Wholesalers! This is a $250 value if you were to buy these titles seperately, so this would an excellent, cost effective way to upgrade your computer software! Come in or call for more details! So what's the rest of the week hold for us? Well, how about DSLR mini class tomorrow at 7? Come in for an hour of fun instruction & learn to use your DSLR out of it's "auto" mode!

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