20090217_hires_sd1200is_a2lMaria and Dolce The new 2009 Canon PowerShots are here at Camera Wholesalers  & ready for their "close-up"! Canon's new PowerShot cameras offer an array of photographic options for the entry-level consumer right up to the photo enthusiast. Whether you're on a family vacation, swimming in an ocean or out for a night on the town, the new line-up of PowerShot digital cameras enable you to customize your photographic experience to your unique personality with color, style and features galore!  Among the many cool features is  Face Detection AF/AE, which finds multiple faces in the frame and sets the most suitable focus point, when the shutter button is pressed halfway. And an additional new feature, Face Detection FE adjusts the flash, based on a person's face on the screen. Exposure and flash are controlled to ensure proper illumination of both the faces and the overall scene, eliminating the common problem of darkened or overexposed faces. Let Maria Sharapova & her friend "Dolce" show you how it works! (Click onto the "Maria & Dolce" icon above... that's dog's funny!!!)  And come in and let us find you the perfect PowerShot for your shooting pleasure! Can't come in?  Then give us a call @  (203) 357-0467 or (877) ECAMERA!

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