The PMA/CES Show in Las Vegas ends today and with that, we have a glimpse of the direction that the photo and video manufacturers will taking the market in 2012. There were so many introductions,  it's best we refer you to c/net's blog post on the best photo/video products of CES 2012:;contentAux.1. We'll cover some of the other new items that have been introduced next week, including a series of Canon point & shoots that have "age detection technology"! Hmmmmm... Thanks to our 25 students who came out last night to our 2 basic photo classes. Our "Mirrorless Camera Basics" class was particually informative and lots of fun as students found out what you can actually do with cameras like the Nikon 1 and Sony NEX! We'll have another mirrorless class in the spring;. Meanwhile, we'll be going back to our normal one class per week schedule next week with "Digital SLR Basics" next Thursday (1/19) at 7PM. FYI: As I was tweeting this info, I ran across a very informative article from BBC News called " 5 Ways The Digital Camera Changed Us ". We briefly discuss in each photo class how digital photography has evolved and this article affirms what we've discussed and more. Here it is:

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