CamWhol .5 page color1 If you pick up the Stamford Advocate/ Journal News this weekend, take a moment to check out our ad! Canon has instant rebate savings on most of their most popular cameras and additional savings on DSLR/ Lens combinations such as a Rebel T3 with an 18-55mm zoom & a 75-300mm telephoto zoom for $579.95 ( a savings of  $170!). There are specials as well on lenses & flashes as well so take a moment to check the savings and come in! We'll be open our normal hours on Monday 2/18 (President's Day) from 10-6!

And if you've already picked up a Canon Rebel DSLR and need a hand in getting to know the camera, this is your lucky week! We'll be having a special 90 minute class on the Canon Rebel cameras on Thursday evening February 28st, starting at 6 PM. CWS instructor Fred Bonilla will be joined by our friend and Canon technical rep Steve Ackerman and together, they'll will be showing and reviewing the functions on the Rebel series cameras. Using images and real time projected function displays, we'll cover camera settings and explore shooting techniques for a variety of situations. While the T series cameras are the main subjects of the class, you can benefit from this class if you own an X series camera as well! Our first camera specific class (on the Nikon D3100/5100) was well attended & garnered rave reviews so you don't want to miss this! That's Thursday 2/28 and we'll start at a special time - 6 PM. (Please note that we previously advertised this class to take place on 2/21 - that is incorrect & we apologize for any inconvenience) .

This Thursday, we'll be having our quarterly "Infant, Baby & Child Photography" class, starting at 6:30 PM. So if  you have a hour to learn how to get priceless photos of you little ones, please join us! This is among our most popular topical classes and always informative and lots of fun!

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