We hope everyone had a good holiday and are back in the swing of things for 2012. And if part of that is getting to know that new camera you got for the holidays, then we're ready to help! Camera Wholesalers' basic photo classes for 2012 will resume tomorrow night (1/5) with 2 classes;  Our first class will be Digital Point & Shoot Basics from 6 to 7PM,  followed by Digital SLR Basics from 7 to 8 PM. We guarantee that within an hour, you'll know the basics of using your camera to get your best pictures ever! If you've bought a camera or lens from us during the 2011 calender year (or the first days of 2012), the the class for you and a guest is FREE! If you haven't, then the fee for the class is $25.00, which will be collected before you join the class in the front of the store (we'll be meeting in the rear of the store by the large video screen). Many who have taken the class before say that the lesson is well worth the $25  in quality & content and that classes elsewhere are charging much more! If you can't make make it tomorrow night, don't worry! Take a look at our schedule to the right of this blog post and you'll see that these classes will be given again in the near future and our classes go on year-round (except for the month of December). So come join us if you can tomorrow night - Hope to see you then!

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