Once you've settled in with your newly purchased camera equipment, you will find that the next accessory you'll need is a tripod. The reasons are numerous & are covered here in a previously published CWS blog post.The question then becomes "Which One?" We have a great suggestion, which also happens to be our holiday gift item number 3...


The Manfrotto Compact Photo Tripod (Model MKC3-PF) in white is an ultra-compact and easy-to-use kit for shooting both indoors and out. Easy to carry, it 's a universal solution- fast and efficient for all applications. The MKC3-PF Photo Kit is a Compact Series tripod with a built-in ball head. A ball head allows the camera to be positioned freely and quickly, at any angle and inclination. The camera can easily be rotated between landscape and portrait positions. The MKC3-PF's ball head has a single easy locking control so you can fix your camera firmly in place before taking a photo. The universal mount fits all cameras' tripod thread (the screw thread on the underside).

The MKC3-PF also have ergonomic lever leg locks, to make opening and closing the tripod fast. The center column can be inverted, which reduces the folded length of the tripod, making it even shorter so it fits in smaller bags or storage spaces & is perfectly foldable for packing the tripod in your bag. Only 13 3/4 " when folded; it extends to 51.2'" & handles up to 3.3 lbs which is more than a basic DSLR's weight with a basic zoom lens. And it only weighs 1 3/4 lbs!

This great little photo item is a must for any photographer & can be yours for only $59.95! Designed & engineered in Italy with a 5 year warranty, your camera can be steady & look cool at the same time! Come in & take a look at this and other gift items today!

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