The one question we get here at Camera Wholesalers once Labor Day rolls around is "When's Your Tent Sale?" And we understand why for our October sales days are the most exciting times we have at the store ! All the manufacturers join us, showing off their new products and offering the best prices we offer all year! Which brings us back to the same question: When's Your Tent Sale?!? We're happy to tell you that they're here...but without a tent! We're now calling it our "Demo Sales Days" & we'll be starting it off with our friends from Nikon & Sigma along with company reps from Tamrac & Crumpler bags and tripods from Giottos & Vanguard on Friday, October 14th and Saturday, October 15th! Come see the new "Nikon 1" system for the first time along with other new Nikon products & Mike Lopez from Nikon will be here to answer any questions you may have. And we have a special  Sigma offer available only to customers on these two days! Freebies, new intros & the best prices of the year await you! But sorry, no tent... Once you see the excitement going on when you come in, you'll forget the big top! And we'll have more exciting weekends coming up with our friends at Canon, Olympus & Sony so stay tuned. This would be a good time to be our Facebook friend , follow us on Twitter (we're known as 877ecamera on Twitter) or join our email family by entering your email address on the lower left side of this blogpost. You'll be the first to know all the cool details of the sales days coming up! FYI: We'll be open on Monday (Columbus Day- 10/10) from 10-6 for your holiday shopping convenience.

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