A good & informative time was had by the over 100 attendees to our "Digital Days" photo classes we held this weekend! Presented by Pop Photo Magazine & sponsored by Sony, the 3 workshops given were chocked full of great info & advice to help the beginning photographer/videographer and the advanced/pro photographer as well to get those lasting memories that will be treasured for a lifetime!   The highlight was Sunday's live photo shoot, where several ballrooms and the entire lower atritum of the Holiday Inn Downtown was turned into studios where different photo situations were simulated for the attendees to shoot (I took a few shots as well while instructing). We then headed outside of the hotel for some outside shooting with the models and the day wrapped up with an afternoon session covering what to do with the images that were just taken. A great time was had by all and we hope to do this again for those who missed this edition of "Digital Days"! Many thanks to Steve Ackerman and Shatara Hook from Sony, Phil Mistry, Leslie Fisher and Mark Reis (our DD instructors), Anthony Musto from Pop Photo and the super great students (some came as far as Boston to attend) who came out; it was a pleasure meeting you and had a great time laughing and learning with you. Click on the link below for a Picasa slide show with some images from the Sunday Beyond Beginners Photo Class: https://picasaweb.google.com/102445583049081385984/ExportedVideos?authkey=Gv1sRgCMzatM_zwOjf0QE&feat=directlink   For those in the area who want to brush up or anyone who has further questions about your DSLR, our free class of the week is "Digital DSLR Basics" on Thursday, 6/9 at 7 PM, right here at the store! Later this week, well announce some changes to our classes that we know will improve your learning experience so stay tuned! We have Father's Day coming up, and with that we have some great specials on Nikon Coolpixs and DSLR's like the cool new D5100. You might have seen the bright yellow sales circular in yesterday's paper, but if not, we'll post a link to it later this week. Take advantage of getting a great camera for DAD this week ... (Photos above & in slide show by Fred Bonilla)

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