Among the new camera introductions that being announced, one caught our eye as being PERFECT for our young photographic friends , namely children... One of the new Nikon Coolpix cameras that will be coming out in the spring is the Coolpix S30, an entry level shockproof & waterproof camera that makes it easy and fun to preserve memories from the priceless to possibly messy, including a baby's first steps, first swim or first plate of spaghetti. Boasting a shockproof (up to 2.6 feet) and waterproof(up to 9.8 feet) exterior, the COOLPIX S30 affords a chance to capture all of their favorite moments without hesitation or worry. A 10.1-megapixel image sensor produces high quality images and HD video that can be easily e-mailed, printed and framed for family and friends. A 3x wide angle zoom lens, HD video capabilities and extremely easy-to-use modes like the Smart Portrait System make the COOLPIX S30 simple, durable and affordable. This description makes it an easy choice for a child that wants a quality camera but is tough on anything he/she owns at an affordable price. PopPhoto seems to agree in this post on the camera that went live this morning: The S30 will be available later this month for a suggested selling price of $119.95 in Pink (as shown), Blue, White & Black - A post from Nikon that went up this morning describing the camera has a sales video that has you wondering at the end why they couldn't get Barney or The Wiggles to join them! :  More on the other new cameras from Nikon next week and FYI - our popular "Action & Sports Photography" class is tomorrow night at 7 PM, right here in the store!

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