We get our share of customers that come in to buy equipment for their once in a lifetime wildlife safari but have no clue of what to get because no one has advised them (even the tour operators!). If you're in that predicament, then our annual safari photo class is for you! So You're Going On Safari... is an hour long class that is customized for our customers & friends that are going on safari and need help on what to buy, what else to bring and loads of photo tips that will come in handy on your trek.  So please join us on Thursday evening (5/23) at 6:30PM at the back of our store. Come with your camera (if you have one),  loads of questions & a smile!

BTW, there are great instant savings on the excellent Canon Rebel T3 and T3i which would be an excellent choice for a safari... Click here for details from Canon USA. The instant savings are in effect until 6/1/13

(Photo By Fred Bonilla)

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