A random thought or two as we go into 2010... First of all, Thank You! We were happy to serve and help you throughout 2009 and it's our sincere hope to be of further service in the coming year. Our weekly classes were a big hit and will continue thru 2010, including a class on how to use your new "Flip" camcorders on February 4th. Stay tuned for new & informative classes through the events calender on our website. We've noticed a trend, especially in helping our customers this year that there are 2 types of folks out there. There are those to subscribe to the notion that "good enough is the new great!". In an article from Wired Magazine, Robert Capps has noted that for many consumers, " ease of use, continuous availability and low price" are more important than the technical qualities of their products, citing that "cameras capture images in a dozen megapixels, yet Flickr is filled with ultra low res snapshots taken with phone cameras that we can neither focus nor zoom". To these folks, we'll be happy to provide you with simple, functional photo equiptment that will capture your precious moments with ease & show you how to print & share these photos & videos to your loved ones. On the other hand, we have those whose motto is "only the best!" We've got you covered as well! This year has brought the Leica M9, Nikon D3S and The Canon 5D Mark II, among the best cameras EVER manufactured & big sellers in our store as well.  Our previous blog posts has highlighted their incredible features (HD video & 102,00 ISO, for starters!) and we're eager to share (& sell) these incredible cameras as well. So, whether you are looking for the very best, or merely "good enough", we at Camera Wholesalers are ready to help make your photo shopping experience the best it can possibly be! Again, we know that you have any number of choices, both online and off to purchase your photographic equiptment & processing. We are grateful you’ve chosen us and we pledge to continue to serve you with the personalized attention and respect you deserve. We hope to offer more services to assist you in 2010, and we still have some great holiday deals on cameras, lenses & more so come on in! From the Smith family, Brian, Tim, Richard, Kim, Erik, Rebecca, Fred, Todd, Sofia, Lise and our canine family members Indiana, Blaze & Blu, our sincere wishes for a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous 2010! PS- Thanks to the kind folks who filled our huge Toys for Tots box several times over and to George Ducanic and the great folks at Toys for Tots’ Lower Fairfield County Chapter for a job well done!!!

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