We resumed our mini classes last night & had our largest attendance ever! It was a blast & we expect an even larger turnout next Thursday for our first Point & Shoot class of the new year. You're invited to join us this coming Thursday (the 14th) at 7 PM, right here at the store. Don't forget to bring your camera! Smoke signals from the west has made us aware of some changes coming this spring. Both Olympus & Sony have discovered the SD card & will include it as a memory card option in their upcoming cameras. Sony's upcoming Cyber-shot DSC-HX5V (shown) is being touted as the camera that MacGyver would LOVE, with 10 megapixels & a 10x zoom with GPS features, as well as an internal compass to register the direction of each shot; in addition, the GPS functionality automatically updates the camera's clock when you travel between time zones. That, plus the use of their excellent BIONZ processor for low light photos makes this one to look out for. It will be available in March for about $350. Canon & Casio have made some changes in their camera lineups & Panasonic will have 6 new Lumix cameras (more as news trickles in). And the spring of 2010 will herald the return of Polaroid film & cameras! Through the work of a group of scientists and engineers called  The Impossible Project, black & white film for the 600 series cameras will be available next month, followed by color film & cameras this summer. Plus, they've signed up Lady Gaga to be their spokesperson! We view this development with some HX5Vinterest, but we're sort on the fence about it. Since Polaroid initially ceased production of their films, many of the chemicals are no longer made, so TIP have been busy reinventing how intergral film is made. Kudos there, but what will determine it's renewed success is the appeal & practical application of instant prints beyond those who liked how "cool" these photos looked. Only time will tell, so stay tuned... At least Outkast can start singing "Hey Ya" again!

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