Today's New York Times & has an article by Rik Fairlie that is touting the new Micro 4/3 or E.V.I.L. cameras that according to Fairlie  "are redefining the middle ground of digital photography". We've been spreading the word about these breakthrough cameras since their release last fall, but with the introduction of Olympus' newest PEN camera (the EP-L1) & Panasonic's upcoming G2, and the ability to buy one these cameras now for under $600, the time to do more than consider these cameras is NOW! A perfect time to check out these cameras will be on May 1st, when we'll have our Olympus Demo Day & Sale!  Steve Ball, our friendly Olympus Sales Rep will be here to show the new EP series cameras, plus some really cool new point & shoots, plus giveaways & special prices for that day only! But you don't have to wait till May Day; Come in today to find out more about these new cameras! (EP-L1 photo by Fred Bonilla)

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