We are proud to announce our first photographic class at our new location - A Kid's Sports & Portrait Photography Class on Tuesday, May 3,2016 at 11 AM.

CWS Class 1

Taught by Professional Photographer Jillian Bell, Our Kid's Sports & Portrait Photography Class is a basic level class that was inspired by her family and friends needing advice on how to photograph their kids at home or school as well as during the sports season.

Join this session for tips on how to capture action as it happens. Indoors or outdoors, we'll discuss the importance of light when photographing any situation or sport. Discover how anticipation, panning focus, and multiple bust modes will decrease the number of missed shots and blurry photos. There is a difficult aspect with sports photography in the fact that each sport has its own difficulties. And there are certain disciplines that will help you in getting a child's portrait that will capture their character as well as their smile. Our goal is to give you the tools to approach your photography the correct way. In return, you'll capture more consistent, better photographs.

It will be held at the J.R. Morgan Conference Room of the Stamford Crowne Plaza Hotel, adjacent to our new showroom at 2701 Summer Street in Stamford.  Click here if you wish to register, or call or e-mail us if you have any questions.

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